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When should you call a Sacramento accident attorney?

You just had a car accident in Sacramento - California, but you don't know whether or not you should call an attorney.

Having an accident lawyer on your side will help you gain peace of mind in the process, as it will guarantee safer steps to get out of this cumbersome situation as best as possible.

Some people, due to immigration or money issues, are inhibited from calling a legal professional in this type of eventuality. It is likely that you consider that you have had a minor accident in which no one was injured, nor is there significant damage to third parties, for which you can do without this service.

However, not everything is pink. Even in a minor accident there may be hidden injuries that will affect your quality of life in the future.

Hence, at least seek the consultation of an expert accident lawyer from Campos Law Offices to determine if what you need is simple advice or if you require more forceful help.

However, below we are going to expose 4 situations in which you need the support of a good accident lawyer in Sacramento if you want to resolve the event with the most optimal results for you.

1.- People are visibly injured or killed

Cases in which there are injuries or deaths due to accidents in Sacramento are often very complicated. If you notice that there are people affected, whether they are your companions or not, do not hesitate to call a reliable lawyer.

At this point it is very important to clearly determine who has been the real cause of the situation, because it is an extremely delicate fact that will lead the person responsible to prison.

2.- They blame you for being the cause of the accident

Although the United States is one of the countries that has a strong justice system, the truth is that sometimes things go wrong and their actions affect those who shouldn't.

In addition, insurance companies try to get rid of having to pay what they establish in their policies with many methods. Therefore, it is possible that if you say something inappropriate, you will end up being accused of this fact.

In a situation like this, call a good accident lawyer who will take care of evaluating the evidence and defending your rights.

3.- The insurance company refuses to pay you

It is very recurrent that the responsible insurance companies use unclear handling to avoid paying in full for the damages of the accident. Hence the importance of the timely collection of evidence, of not accepting immediate deals and of remaining silent in the immediate aftermath of the event.

You must consider the payment of present and future conditions within the agreements with insurers. These will be spelled out clearly by car accident attorneys.

In addition, it is possible that the situation affects you not only physically, but also psychologically or morally. And that you even lose your job due to an eventuality that will affect not only your well-being but that of your family.

4.- They want to make you responsible for damages to third parties that do not correspond

Some people want to go over the top and take advantage of disadvantageous situations like you are to obtain compensation that does not correspond to them. Here the eye of an expert and the support of a person who knows how to defend you in this eventuality is important.

A good accident lawyer will verify the truth of the situation and will advise you on the damages that you do have to pay, excluding those economic charges that are totally unfair.


People often wonder whether or not they should call an attorney after a car accident. If you have a minor accident, it is always good to at least have a consultation to clear up doubts and be well prepared in case things turn murky.

However, there are situations in which the immediate assistance of an experienced Sacramento accident attorney is essential:

  1. When people are visibly injured or killed.

  2. When they blame you for being the cause of the accident.

  3. When the insurance company refuses to pay you.

  4. When they want to make you responsible for damages to third parties that do not correspond.

At Campos Law Offices you will get the support, reliability and agility that you expect in these cases. Our professionals have the required experience in dealing not only with the judicial system, but also with the insurance companies responsible for compensation.

We take care of helping you in the defense and in the precise recognition of the enforceable rights, therefore do not hesitate to contact us through any of our service channels.

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