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Attorney Gabriel Campos,  is one of the rare few attorney's with the prestigious title of

Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law by the State Bar of California. 

This gives Campos Law Offices, P.C. an advantage over your case and a high likelihood of success by utilizing our certified expertise for you and your family. It is an honor to serve our community and the people that make our community whole. We are here for you.


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About Us

Our attorney Gabriel Campos has collectively helped many families with their legal issues. We are dedicated to our community and to helping families navigate through their legal process.

  • Certified Specialist, Immigration and Nationality Law, The State Bar of California

  • Rated Top 10 Immigration Attorneys by Yelp

  • Free Consultations (for those that qualify)

  •  Bilingual Professionals & Staff

  • As Seen on T.V

  • One of the highest rated and reviewed in Northern CA

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Living in the United States as an immigrant comes with its challenges and hurdles. Our attorney Gabriel Campos has first hand experience with immigration Law as he is the son and sibling of Mexican immigrants.

When faced with the likelihood of being deported or facing immigration issues, many people live in constant fear of the unknown. If you are currently facing immigration trouble, or need assistance, you need to speak with our Immigration Attorney as soon as possible. Your rights, future, and family life may be at stake.

The immigration laws in this country evolve and change constantly and require the knowledge of our skilled and certified immigration lawyer. At Campos Law Offices, we have helped many individuals with their immigration issues. Whether you need deportation defense, visas, U.S. citizenship or family-based green cards, we will ensure you are provided with the best guidance and information available.

Take immediate and quick action to help insure the success of your case. Call us at (916) - 909- VISA or fill out our safe and secure online form to schedule a consultation directly with Campos Law Offices, P.C.

Why hire a Certified Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law?

The Immigration procedures in the United States can be extremely complex to navigate.

Surely, if you have decided to move to the United States, you want to acquire a status that allows you to live your life normally as soon as possible.

This is why choosing a certified legal specialist actually raises the level of excellence and transparency with which your case will be addressed. On the California State Bar website you can obtain information of these state collegiate bodies. It is possible to obtain information on qualified and sanctioned professionals. In this way, clients can make the best decisions to resolve their needs.


A certified immigration specialist is a professional who has up-to-date

education, proven experience and ethical behavior, with which you will have greater

success to achieve the immigration objective you are pursuing.


With these qualities, your immigration request will be well structured from the beginning,

so you will not have additional delays to those presented by the agency itself due to the high demand.

This, in addition to saving time, will also be a significant saving in money, since

assertiveness in the process offers greater success of resolution at the first attempt.

A certified immigration attorney is an outstanding legal professional whose excellence is

endorsed by the bar of the state in which he practices.

Gabriel Campos is a certified immigration specialist, please contact Campos

Law Offices, P.C. through any of our service channels.


We will approach your case with all the knowledge, experience and ethics that have made us stand out throughout our professional career. Tell us your concern or need without commitment, we are ready to help you.

Read More About The Benefits of Hiring A Certifified Specialist.

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5 star reviews

Campos Law Offices, P.C.

has garnered hundreds of reviews during our past and present professional law career earning the trust and respect of the people in our community. We cherish your words and compliments.

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specialist, Immigration and nationality Law, The State bar of california

The State Bar certifies attorneys as specialists who have gone beyond the standard licensing requirements, increasing public protection and encouraging attorney competence. This is an elite title earned by Mr. Campos.

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alumni of the decade
law school

Mr. Campos was awarded "Alumni Of The Decade" by the Board Members of Lincoln Law School. This award represents the decade of 2010-2020. Mr. Campos 

graduated from Lincoln Law School in Sacramento, CA in 2013.

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volunteer work/in the community

Mr. Campos is part of the Advisory Board for Law & Social Justice Academy at Luther Burbank High School, Coach for Youth Sports, Guest Reader at Elementary Schools, Member of the Cruz Reynoso Bar Association & California Lawyers Association. 

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