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Family Based Immigration in Stockton, CA & Surrounding Areas.


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Attorney Legal Support for Family based Immigration in Stockton, CA?


Legal support for Family based Immigration in California


Find out which family members are eligible for a Permanent Residence, what the process includes and when you need an immigration lawyer.


Are you in Stockton, California or Sacramento, California, and want to help your family members migrate to the United States?


The United States could be a friendly country that offers quality of life to locals and foreigners who wish to develop their life beyond what their current country can provide them. That is why its legality offers the possibility for both citizens and permanent residents to bring certain relatives to the country who meet certain conditions.


However, the number of visa’s granted each year for this category is very limited, especially those of the Family Preference type. Hence, the best decision is to be accompanied by an expert and reliable professional who will help you achieve this goal with optimal results.


At Campos Law Offices, P.C. we specialize in immigration services. Our immigration lawyers in Stockton and Sacramento will carry out all the pertinent management so that you can enjoy the union of family in a short time and with the best benefits.


Who is eligible to apply for a family visa?

There are two basic categories of relatives who are fully eligible when applying for an immigration visa to the United States:


  • Immediate Relatives: This category is geared toward spouses, minor children, or parents of a U.S. citizen.

  • Family Preference: Here are grouped the sons and daughters of US citizens who are unmarried and of legal age, spouses and unmarried children and minors or with 21 years of age of lawful permanent residents, married children as well as siblings of U.S. citizens.


The category of children includes those who have been conceived out of wedlock or adopted abroad.


The number of visas to be granted are announced each year and to the extent that there is availability, the process becomes shorter.


There is another way of family reunification, such as those related to humanitarian issues. An immigration specialist lawyer will help you recognize the most expeditious way that corresponds to the case in order to have better results in the process.


If the US citizen or permanent resident wishes to request permission for their fiancé or fiancée to travel to the country, they must apply for a nonimmigrant visa that will give them a period of 90 days to get married.


Once married, the petition can be made as a relative.

How to apply for a visa for a family member?

The procedure for the relative petition changes depending on where you are:


  • If the relative is already in the United States, the U.S. citizen or permanent resident who will happen to be the sponsor must file Form I-130, Petition for a Relative Foreigner in the legally open period for this purpose. Once the priority date for this case is updated, an Adjustment of Status so that this relative can become a Permanent Resident.

  • If the family member is outside the United States, they must apply for a visa through the embassies as a process consular regular. Once your visa is approved, you will be able to travel and become a Permanent Resident.


In any case, there must be a petition and an interview. The application must be accompanied by a series of documents that vary according to the nexus and that include a passport and even a criminal record for some types of immigrants.


It is possible that during the verification process, immigration officials may request through a letter the presentation of additional official documentation to be delivered during a certain period.


Officials sometimes determine that these relatives are not eligible and must explicitly state the reasons, as well as the steps to follow from there.


The immigration lawyer will be of support especially in those conditions in which you need to understand what may be affecting the process, if the requested family member needs to travel outside the country or what actions must be undertaken to have a greater possibility of success.


When to request support from an immigration lawyer for family reunification?

The truth is that you can request this support at any time. Whether you want to start the process, that you are already in the middle of the process and have not had good results, or that you feel confused about the next steps to follow.


Campos Law Offices, P.C. has immigration attorneys in Sacramento and Stockton who will carry out an analysis of the current situation of your case and will tell you with all honesty the chances of success and the plan of action.



Family reunification is an applicable method in the United States that allows the immigration of relatives of both US citizens and permanent residents.


For this, they are eligible:


  • Spouses, parents and minor children of citizens recognized as Immediate Relatives.

  • Married or unmarried children of legal age and siblings of US citizens, as well as spouses, unmarried children and minors of permanent residents.


Family reunification through humanitarian aid channels is possible. To apply for a fiancé or fiancée, prior paperwork is required.


The procedure for the petition will depend on whether the relative is inside or outside the United States. If you are inside, you must carry out an Adjustment of Status, while if you are outside you must carry out a Consular Procedure that allows you to obtain the visa for immigration and subsequent granting of Permanent Residence.


You can request support from an immigration lawyer at any stage of your case. For best results, seek support at Campos Law Offices, P.C. with full confidence, since our expertise and disposition will be the necessary support to complete the procedure with the greatest possible success.

If you want to know more about your case or find a solution to a specific immigration problem in California, do not hesitate, contact to us through any of our service channels or visit Campos Law Offices, PC, where you will receive a cordial and information on the best way to solve your problem.



  • Navigating the U.S. State Department Consular Processing is a bureaucratic maze of procedure and timelines. The National Visa Center plays a vital role in preparing consular officials abroad with your Visa once it is approved and available. 

    We walk our clients through this maze and have assisted clients in over 21 embassies and US Consulates abroad with their visa applications. 

    There are many grounds of Inadmissibility under the Immigration Nationality Act, which are applied by the interviewing officer, and prevent many people

  • from entering the United States, even though they won an approved Immigration Petition via a family member or sponsoring employer. 

    A thorough analysis is required to save valuable time and heartache to know before-hand which type of waiver may be available, clearing the way for entrance into the United States. 

    Examples: convictions of prior crimes, prior illegal entries into the United States, living in the U.S. out of status on a prior visa, living in the U.S. with no legal status, etc.



L I S T  O F


  • Family-Based Immigration

  • Employment-Based Immigration

  • I-9 Audits for Businesses

  • Political Asylum

  • Citizenship and Naturalization

  • Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) Issues

  • J-1 Visa Waivers

  • Waivers of Inadmissibility

  • Non-Immigrant Visa Waivers

  • Parole-in-Place

  • Private Bills

  • National Interest Waiver

  • Permissions to Apply for Reentry

  • Removal Defense

  • Immigration Appeals

  • Motions to Reopen/Reconsider

  • DACA

  • Requests for Humanitarian Reinstatement

  • H-1B Visas

  • E Investor Visas

  • TN Visas

  • Labor Certifications

  • Temporary Visitor Visas

  • Removing the Conditions on Residence

  • VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)

  • Inter-company Transfer Visas

  • P visas — Athletes, artists and entertainment groups

  • O visas — Extraordinary ability in the

  • Sciences, Arts, Business, Athletics and Education

  • R visas — Religious visas

  • I visas — Media

  • F and M — Students

  • J visas — Exchange Visitor Program

  • K visas — Fiancé(e)

  • The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), is an agency within the United States Department of Justice, and presides over immigration courts. 

    The U.S. government is represented in deportation proceedings by attorneys, and most individuals caught in the system go unrepresented.

  • Unlike criminal proceedings, there is no right to counsel in deportation proceedings. We offer exhaustive deportation defense for our clients nationwide. 

    If you or a loved one is dealing with a pending deportation, contact us at 866-580-4203.


Foreign nationals applying for visas to temporarily enter the United States (students, tourists, H-1B, investors, entertainers, intra-company transfers, etc) with prior immigration offenses can obtain a waiver under the Immigration and Nationality Act and be allowed to return to the United States. 

Specifically, section 212(d)(3), allows many of the grounds which normally would bar reentry into the United States, to be waived. The grounds include unlawful presence, immigration fraud, misrepresentation, and criminal violations. These grounds have serious consequences with regards to an Immigrant Visas, and result in denial of entry. If you, or someone you know, would like to re-enter the United States, please call.

N O N 


V I S A 

W A I V E R S 


​Appellate work requires extreme caution to detail, as any issue not raised initially with the Board of Immigration Appeals, cannot be later brought to federal Circuit Courts on a petition for review. We advocate aggressively for our clients providing an exhaustive record used to preserve your issues to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and all other Circuit Courts, including Writs of Certiorari to the United States Supreme Court. 

We also assist anyone who has every received a denial from a USCIS adjudicating officer, appealing directly to the Administrative Appeals Office. This includes any denial for an Adjustment of Status, Waiver of Extreme Hardship, US Citizenship, family based petitions, employment based petitions, and any other denial of an immigration benefit.

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