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This is a latent risk even in countries like the United States, famous for having a balanced justice system.

This is extremely disturbing data that should set off alarms for any defendant, much more being innocent of charges. Every day, innocent Latinos are separated from their families and jailed for crimes they never committed.

The Latino community is one of the most vulnerable in the United States. Innocent Latinos who are falsely accused of a crime often have no idea how to find help.

They need someone who can guide them through an experience that generates a lot of anxiety because it is terrifying, as well as help them clear their name if they are really innocent.

If you are Latino and have been arrested for a crime you did not commit, you will identify with this situation.

Here are 5 reasons why innocent Latino citizens should hire a criminal defense attorney no matter what:

They willadvise you on how to proceed during the investigation

During the investigation process, it is important to be cooperative and honest withpolice conducting the interrogations. If you lie to the police, they can use it against you. Being honest can help you in your case.

Remember that the job of the police is to gather evidence for the prosecutor. If you can help them do this, you may be able to get out of trouble as quickly as possible.

If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, a criminal defense attorney can help you understand what has happened. Also, to understand what your rights are during the investigation process so that you act in the most convenient way for you.

It will determine if law enforcement is following the law

If you have been arrested and are in jail, you need to make sure that the police and prosecutors are doing everything according to the rules. While you do not have the right to speak to the police without a warrant or search warrant, you do have the right to speak to a defense attorney.

A criminal defense attorney can help you determine if the police and prosecutors are following the correct laws and procedures. If they don't, it will require process adjustment.

One of the clearest fears of undocumented Latinos and, perhaps for the same reason, they do not seek professional assistance from a criminal lawyer, is the thought that they can be deported and that it is best to let the judicial system act alone.

Nothing is further from reality. The truth is that even as an undocumented person you have rights that must be guaranteed and the justice system cannot always satisfy those guarantees on its own.

The lawyer specializing in criminal defense will be your best support in a cumbersome and delicate process like this, in which your image, assets and even life are at stake.

negotiate with the prosecutor

Many people who have been arrested, regardless of their innocence, want to plead guilty. They think that this way the process will end faster and that the charges will be dropped. However, this is rarely possible.

If you are innocent and know you did not commit the crime, you should not plead guilty until you speak with an attorney. Doing so does not guarantee that charges will be dropped.

Having a criminal defense attorney who negotiates with the prosecutor on your behalf is very helpful in these cases. The attorney can show the prosecutor that your guilty plea will not improve the case or help reduce the charges and negotiate the best deal for your situation.

Identify the best way to approach your defense

A criminal defense attorney can help you understand your opponent's strengths. In this way, you will identify how your case should be approached to be presented in court.

It will also help you understand the police reports and other documents that serve as evidence against you. The attorney will examine them and determine if they are clearly out of line and will fight to have them removed from the case.

will accompany you beyond the court decision

The criminal defense attorney will work consistently to get the charges dropped or have a favorable resolution in court.

However, if you do face prison time, the professional will help you understand the laws and best practices for living safely and productively in jail.

A criminal lawyer will also help you resolve any issues you may have while in prison, such as medical and mental health care.


If you or a loved one has been arrested or convicted while innocent, a criminal defense attorney is a must. The sooner you start working with this professional, the more likely you are to get out or improve the situation.

It is important for innocent Latino citizens to have a criminal defense attorney on their side, regardless of the circumstances that brought them into that situation. And, if the lawyer is also Latino, much better.

Having someone on your side who understands your culture as well as the weaknesses and biases of the justice system with this community will undoubtedly be a strength that you should immediately appreciate.

GabrielCampos is a Latino criminal defense attorneywho acts with determination and assertiveness to achieve the most favorable resolution possible for his defendants.

His professionalism and outstanding experience allow the defendant to save time and effort in resolving the case. Also, you will quickly recognize when there are signs of segregation or discrimination for the simple fact of belonging to the Latino race.

Request a no-obligation consultation right now, by filling out the form or by calling 916-909-VISA .

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