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CSPA Child Protection Act in Stockton, CA.


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Do you want to opt for a Green Card or Permanent Residence in the United States?


The United States is one of the destinations with the highest rate of immigration worldwide, because it offers a higher quality of life than other countries, as well as greater legal stability and freedom.


Within the legality of this country there are a wide number of mechanisms that allow a person a legal stay for the development of their economic, health, relational and leisure activities.


The Green Card or Permanent Residence is the most sought after or longed for by many people, thanks to the fact that it offers stability for the development of a peaceful life, significantly reducing undesirable deportations.


At Campos Law Offices, PC we specialize in making this process simpler for our clients in Sacramento or Stockton - California. Hiring a reliable immigration attorney will be the key that will open the doors of tranquility for a better future in the United States.


What is the Green Card or Green Card?

It is an identity document that gives you legal status to live and work in the United States permanently.


Its official name is Permanent Residence Card and once you have it, you must always carry it with you, because it is the way to demonstrate to any authority that you enjoy these rights.

Who can apply for a Green Card or Permanent Residence?

These are the profiles of people who are eligible for a Green Card or Permanent Residence:

Being a relative of a US citizen

This includes immediate relatives like spouses, unmarried children under 20 years or parents when the holder of citizenship has the least 21 years old. It is also possible if you are a married or unmarried child, as well as a sibling under the age of 21 of a US citizen.


The spouse and unmarried children of permanent residents can also opt. Fiancées of US citizens, as well as their children and widows, are also eligible for the Green Card.


There is a special condition that can grant Permanent Residency to spouses, children and parents who are abused by US citizens.

For Work

Foreign workers or investors may apply for permanent residence within the United States. To do this, as an investor, you must create a new company with at least 1 million dollars and 10 or more employees.


If you are a doctor and you agree to work for a stipulated time in geographical areas where there is little access to health services. You can also apply if you are classified as a first, second or third category worker.


For special immigration

This includes religious workers who participate in non-profit organizations, minors who have been abused or abandoned by their parents, as well as Afghans or Iraqis who have worked for the US government.


Another way in which you can opt for residence through special immigration is if you are a member or beneficiary of the media of the United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM), as well as employees of some international organizations such as NATO. .


Being an asylum seeker or refugee

If you have been granted the status of asylum seeker or refugee on US soil for at least 1 year, you can apply for a Green Card or Permanent Residence.


As a victim of human trafficking and other crimes

This includes those who have been exploited, as well as those who have suffered physical or mental abuse and assist law enforcement agencies and government officials in investigating or prosecuting criminal activities as well as their relatives.


For being a Cuban citizen or being a family member mistreated by one

Both Cuban nationals and their spouses and children can apply for permanent residence or green card in the United States. Also these same relatives who have been abused by a Cuban who is under the Cuban Adjustment Act.

Through the Diversity Visa Program or Lottery

Each year around 50,000 visas are issued to people who live in certain countries with a low incidence of immigration to the United States. Visa holders who are eligible to enter the country are eligible for this random selection.


These are the most common ways to apply for the Green Card. However, there are many other possibilities that should be studied depending on the case, which is why we invite you to contact Campos Law Offices, PC to resolve this or any other question you may have about obtaining this important document.


Benefits of having a Green Card or Permanent Residence

The Residence of the United States provides its holder with a series of benefits. These include:


  • Opting for citizenship after 5 years or 3 years if married to a US citizen.

  • Exercise the sponsorship of family members to obtain their own Permanent Residence.

  • Reduction of expenses for university tuition.

  • Freedom to travel inside and outside the country.

  • Easy to apply for better job options.

  • Reduce the need to renew documents to 10 years.


All this will allow you to lead a normal life within the country. However, some people receive what is known as Conditional Permanent Residence which is valid for a period of 2 years.


This is often granted to spouses of US citizens whose marriage does not exceed two years at the time of applying for the Residence. It is also possible that it is granted to the children of citizens or permanent residents who have entered the country through a family petition.


Those who enter the country to make investments will be able to obtain a Conditional Permanent Residence that will empower them to carry out these activities.


However, once you have obtained said documentation, you can request the relevant authorities beforehand to cancel this condition in your residence within a certain period.


To eliminate this condition with quick and successful results, you can consult the legal advisors of Campos Law Offices, PC, who will tell you the details of the process and the ways to do it with greater advantages for you.

Ways to obtain the Green Card or Permanent Residence

There are multiple ways to obtain the Green Card or Permanent Residence. Each one is exercised in different ways.



Adjustment of Status

Used when the applicant is within the United States. For this, it is necessary that you have the quality to opt for Permanent Residence and that the period for the start of the process through the request for a visa be active.


This will require the presentation of a form and the appearance before the relevant authorities for the collection of biometric data.


Also the presentation of some type of identity document that contains photographs such as a passport, driver's license or Green Card as well as the notification of the appointment.


Later you must appear for an interview, for which both the beneficiary and the relative must be present, if applicable, with the original documents that have been delivered with the application.


Then, it is possible that the authorities make a request for additional documents, but this does not happen in most cases. And, finally, you will know the decision that if it is denied you can go to a legal resource known as a Motion to request the reopening or reconsideration of the case.


At Campos Law Offices, PC, we will advise you so that you receive your residency without much inconvenience.

Consular Procedure

This route is used to grant Permanent Residency to people who are outside the United States. For this purpose you must be the beneficiary of a duly approved immigration petition.


The procedure is often initiated at the request of a family member or employer, although there are some exception channels in which the beneficiary files the application, such as for humanitarian programs or special immigrants.


After the application has been submitted, the authorities will inform about its approval or denial and will inform if there is a possibility of appeal. If approved, the visa number will be granted and you must pay some fees to the North American State.


The beneficiary will have to attend an appointment to carry out the interview and will then be granted an immigrant visa to enter the United States. Upon arrival, a customs officer will determine whether or not it is possible to grant you Permanent Residence.


After being approved, the Green Card will arrive in your mail within 45 days.


Can I be deported for having a Green Card or Permanent Residence?

Yes. The truth is that even enjoying the protection of a Permanent Residence, you will not be able to avoid your deportation for the following reasons:


  • Due to inadmissibility. There are many reasons why a person may be considered inadmissible to enter the United States, for example:

    • Having a communicable disease or not having the required vaccinations.

    • For having a criminal record outside or inside the country, depending on the type of crime.

    • For being considered a threat to the security of the country.

    • For being considered a public charge, that is, depending economically on the government for reasons of health, age, among others.

    • For fraud or presentation of false documents.

    • Due to a history of violation of immigration regulations.

    • Illegal voting.

  • For violation of the conditions of the Permanent Residence or Green Card, such as being absent from the country for more than 180 days.

  • If you have an expired Green Card or residency card.

  • If you help foreigners to enter the country illegally.

  • If it is proven that you have fraudulently married a US citizen.

  • Having committed crimes of a moral nature such as robbery, domestic violence, sexual abuse, driving under the influence of some substances, among others.

  • Have criminal convictions for drugs, trafficking or possession of weapons, conspiracy, sabotage, espionage, treason or uprising, as well as money laundering, human trafficking and other crimes.

  • For having changed address without informing the authorities within the 10 days granted for that purpose.


There are other reasons why you can be deported as a lawful permanent resident of the United States. But, by having this quality, you have the right to defend yourself in immigration court, so do not hesitate to hire the specialized services of Campos Law Offices, PC because we will analyze your case and find the best options for you.


The Green Card or Green Card is an identification document that provides status to its holder of Permanent Resident within the United States and offers the possibility of living and working within the country.


You are eligible to apply for a Green Card or Permanent Residence for the following reasons:


  • Being a relative of a US citizen.

  • Be considered a first, second or third category worker as well as an investor.

  • Being a special immigrant.

  • Have the quality of asylee or refugee.

  • Being a victim of crimes.

  • Being a Cuban citizen or an abused family member.

  • Win the visa lottery.


Among many others.


By having a Permanent Residence you can:


  • Apply for US citizenship.

  • Sponsor family members to acquire the same legal status.

  • Reduce expenses in universities.

  • Travel inside and outside the country.

  • Apply for better job options.

  • Extend the margin of legality within the country to 10 years, provided that a Conditional Permanent Residence is not granted.


You can obtain the Green Card in two ways:


  • Through an Adjustment of Status for those who are within the United States.

  • Through Consular Processing for those who are outside the United States.


The condition of Permanent Resident does not prevent deportation, for which it is essential to always have the best legal advice in terms of immigration.


If you want to know more about your case or find a solution to a specific immigration problem in California, do not hesitate, contact to us through any of our service channels or visit Campos Law Offices, PC, where you will receive a cordial and information on the best way to solve your problem.



  • Navigating the U.S. State Department Consular Processing is a bureaucratic maze of procedure and timelines. The National Visa Center plays a vital role in preparing consular officials abroad with your Visa once it is approved and available. 

    We walk our clients through this maze and have assisted clients in over 21 embassies and US Consulates abroad with their visa applications. 

    There are many grounds of Inadmissibility under the Immigration Nationality Act, which are applied by the interviewing officer, and prevent many people

  • from entering the United States, even though they won an approved Immigration Petition via a family member or sponsoring employer. 

    A thorough analysis is required to save valuable time and heartache to know before-hand which type of waiver may be available, clearing the way for entrance into the United States. 

    Examples: convictions of prior crimes, prior illegal entries into the United States, living in the U.S. out of status on a prior visa, living in the U.S. with no legal status, etc.



L I S T  O F


  • Family-Based Immigration

  • Employment-Based Immigration

  • I-9 Audits for Businesses

  • Political Asylum

  • Citizenship and Naturalization

  • Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) Issues

  • J-1 Visa Waivers

  • Waivers of Inadmissibility

  • Non-Immigrant Visa Waivers

  • Parole-in-Place

  • Private Bills

  • National Interest Waiver

  • Permissions to Apply for Reentry

  • Removal Defense

  • Immigration Appeals

  • Motions to Reopen/Reconsider

  • DACA

  • Requests for Humanitarian Reinstatement

  • H-1B Visas

  • E Investor Visas

  • TN Visas

  • Labor Certifications

  • Temporary Visitor Visas

  • Removing the Conditions on Residence

  • VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)

  • Inter-company Transfer Visas

  • P visas — Athletes, artists and entertainment groups

  • O visas — Extraordinary ability in the

  • Sciences, Arts, Business, Athletics and Education

  • R visas — Religious visas

  • I visas — Media

  • F and M — Students

  • J visas — Exchange Visitor Program

  • K visas — Fiancé(e)

  • The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), is an agency within the United States Department of Justice, and presides over immigration courts. 

    The U.S. government is represented in deportation proceedings by attorneys, and most individuals caught in the system go unrepresented.

  • Unlike criminal proceedings, there is no right to counsel in deportation proceedings. We offer exhaustive deportation defense for our clients nationwide. 

    If you or a loved one is dealing with a pending deportation, contact us at 866-580-4203.


Foreign nationals applying for visas to temporarily enter the United States (students, tourists, H-1B, investors, entertainers, intra-company transfers, etc) with prior immigration offenses can obtain a waiver under the Immigration and Nationality Act and be allowed to return to the United States. 

Specifically, section 212(d)(3), allows many of the grounds which normally would bar reentry into the United States, to be waived. The grounds include unlawful presence, immigration fraud, misrepresentation, and criminal violations. These grounds have serious consequences with regards to an Immigrant Visas, and result in denial of entry. If you, or someone you know, would like to re-enter the United States, please call.

N O N 


V I S A 

W A I V E R S 


​Appellate work requires extreme caution to detail, as any issue not raised initially with the Board of Immigration Appeals, cannot be later brought to federal Circuit Courts on a petition for review. We advocate aggressively for our clients providing an exhaustive record used to preserve your issues to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and all other Circuit Courts, including Writs of Certiorari to the United States Supreme Court. 

We also assist anyone who has every received a denial from a USCIS adjudicating officer, appealing directly to the Administrative Appeals Office. This includes any denial for an Adjustment of Status, Waiver of Extreme Hardship, US Citizenship, family based petitions, employment based petitions, and any other denial of an immigration benefit.

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