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Why Hire an Immigration Attorney in 2022?

Are you in the middle of an immigration process or will you start one soon and do you need to execute concrete actions that will lead you to the best results? A good immigration lawyer will be your best and indispensable support to achieve this.

The United States is one of the preferred destinations in the world to migrate, both legally and illegally. Thanks to the principles that have governed this great nation, its legal framework offers human rights protections and guarantees that also extend to foreigners.

The dream of a better quality of life for himself and his family, due to the great social and economic development, as well as the advances in health that this country has earned with great effort, also moves foreigners of all social classes to migrate by any means.

But, in any case, the legalization of the status of people who live or wish to live in the aforementioned country requires the management of a broad regulatory framework that has specifications and opportunities more for some nationalities, occupations or conditions, than for others.

Thus, having an expert immigration lawyer will be crucial not only to have an organized and fast legal migration, but also to opt for the most appropriate regularization channels in your case to resume your life projects promptly.

In what processes is the help of an immigration lawyer useful?

Immigration attorneys are invaluable help in cases of:

Arrest at borders or ports

In April of this year alone, more than 234,000 migrants were detained at the border between Mexico and the United States. More and more people use these spaces to enter the country irregularly and then submit to justice in the hope of achieving some type of condition that allows them to stay regularly within the country.

The problem is that entering in this way runs the risk of being expelled or deported, since each case has a particularity that must be evaluated and that will yield different results.

Only the expertise of an immigration lawyer can provide you with greater guarantees and will prevent immigration agents from inducing you into voluntary departure, with which you will lose the opportunity to have a legal immigration status within the country.

Request for Asylum or Refuge

This is one of the most used options today, due to the political conditions that dominate the planet. Although both share the same cause, they have different procedures that you must know to achieve the greatest humanitarian benefit.

And it is that within the legislation of the country some nationalities, types of gender, periods, conditions, have to be considered to avoid the outcome being deportation with serious implications for future re-entry into the United States.

Activation of DACA

This is a protection measure for those who entered the country as children. The action prevents the person from being deported for a period of 2 years and can be renewed.

The immigration lawyer will advise you on each of the requirements you need to meet, as well as the process that will lead you to obtain this benefit.

Deferred Forced Exit Management

Granted to nationals of certain countries such as Hong Kong, Liberia and Venezuela. This is part of an executive action that gives protection and prevents deportation for a specific time.

Request for Family Reunification

Allows relatives of residents as well as naturalized citizens to enter and stay legally in the United States. But, these family members must meet a series of criteria to be eligible for this alternative.

Management of Motions and Appeals

These are administrative resources that allow the reconsideration of your case, if any immigration entity has given a verdict contrary to your interests. They have some lapses and procedures that it is better to discuss with the experts to achieve the best possible result.

Management of Temporary Stay Permits (Parole)

If for any reason you are prevented from entering the United States, the management of a PAROLE will activate the study of your case with which you can be granted a temporary stay permit.

Waiver Request

An immigration attorney will help you request a waiver before the relevant authority that removes any impediment that has been imposed on you to enter the United States. These resources also have very precise procedures that are best handled in the company of an expert mind.

Petition for Permanent Residence and Citizenship

These are procedures that allow foreigners to live and work within the country, with a broad legal status or under the same conditions as their nationals. It requires compliance with certain conditions to opt for them and renew them, as in the case of residence.

Advice for other visas You

may decide to come to the United States for tourism or business. In these cases, the immigration lawyer will offer you a clear idea of ​​the procedure so that your management is more accurate when making the request at the respective consular office.

Why hire an immigration attorney?

As you may know, there are many who want to opt for a condition that allows them to live and work in the United States, as well as develop other health, tourism or business activities.

The demand is so high that it is possible that your case could be dismissed if you do not carry out the pertinent actions in the pertinent periods and conditions. Also, this gets slower and heavier, so a small mistake can lead to a very long wait that you don't want.

The expertise of a reliable immigration attorney is the solution to this problem because it will help you achieve the objective, reducing the investment in terms of time, effort and money.


A good immigration lawyer will provide you with peace of mind and assertiveness in the management of immigration processes such as:

  • Arrests at ports and borders.

  • Application for asylums and shelters.

  • DACA activation.

  • Deferred Forced Exit Management.

  • Management of Motions and Appeals.

  • Management of Temporary Stay Permits.

  • Pardon Request.

  • Petition for Permanent Residence and Citizenship.

  • Other visas.

An expert immigration lawyer will help you considerably reduce the latent risks of expulsion or deportation, as well as resolve any immigration conflict or acquire that legal status that allows you to fully develop your life in the country.

Having an expert and reliable professional in immigration law is essential in these processes to achieve the expected results. For this reason, we invite you to contact the lawyers at Campos Law Offices, PC.

These empathetic professionals will achieve the most beneficial legal results for you, with less time, money and effort. Consultation without commitment through our contact form or by phone 916-909-VISA.

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