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Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Why hire a certified immigration specialist?

Find out the benefits of hiring a certified immigration specialist.

The Immigration procedures in the United States can be extremely complex to navigate.

Surely, if you have decided to move to the United States, you want to acquire a status that allows you to live your life normally as soon as possible.

However, the demand for procedures to the country's migration agencies is increasingly high and this produces serious delays for applicants. So the last thing you want is to start the respective request on the wrong foot that will further delay your process.

An certifiied immigration specialist is your best ally to reduce the gap that separates you from the most optimal result in your immigration process. But, it is important that you be accompanied by someone with a real domain of the respective regulations as well as the actions of the relevant organizations.

We know that sometimes people find it difficult to identify the legal professional who has the necessary qualities to structure their petitions before the State.

That is why the California Bar Association found a way to qualify their best

professionals and provide citizens with unequivocal signals about the professionalism of

their members.

This is a prestigious certification and we will explain it to you below.

What is a Certified Immigration Specialist?

This is a legal professional who has been certified by the state bar association of California, as a specialist in a certain subject. In this case, immigration and nationality law, but they can do it in many other areas.

It is not about any process. In the case of the state of California, for the Bar Association to confer a specialization on a lawyer, they will have to pass a rigorous process that includes the following steps:

● Pass a written exam in a specific legal specialty.

● Practice law continuously for a minimum of five years, devoting at least 25 percent of

the time to the practice of the specialty.

● Complete higher education in the required area.

● Demonstrate extensive experience in that specialty.

● Receive favorable evaluations from other attorneys and judges familiar with the

attorney's work in that specialty of law.

But this is not all. The specialist must recertify every 5 years to maintain the endorsement of the State Bar of California.

What benefit does this certification offer the attorney?

This rigorous process is aimed at maintaining not only the highest image of a specific legalprofessional, but of the collegiate body as a whole.

The great benefit for users in general is that the certification fosters healthy competition

among professionals, in aspects as important as:

● Education.

● Experience.

● Ethical behavior.

This is why choosing a certified legal specialist actually raises the level of

excellence and transparency with which your case will be addressed.

On the California State Bar website you can obtain information of these state collegiate bodies. It is possible to obtain information on qualified and sanctioned professionals. In this way, clients can make the best decisions to resolve their needs.

Why hire a Certified Immigration Attorney?

It's very simple. A certified immigration specialist is a professional who has up-to-date

education, proven experience and ethical behavior, with which you will have greater

success to achieve the immigration objective you are pursuing.

With these qualities, your immigration request will be well structured from the beginning, so you will not have additional delays to those presented by the agency itself due to the high demand.

This, in addition to saving time, will also be a significant saving in money, since

assertiveness in the process offers greater success of resolution at the first attempt.


A certified immigration attorney is an outstanding legal professional whose excellence is

endorsed by the bar of the state in which he practices.

The collegiate entity is in charge of evaluating the level of knowledge, experience and ethical

behavior of its members, to give unequivocal signals to the general public about the most

suitable professionals to generate effective solutions for their case.

This endorsement is considered again every 5 years, for which the jurist must uphold the

criteria that allow him to maintain the certification that provides him with a high professional

status within society.

Gabriel Campos is a certified immigration specialist, please contact Campos

Law Offices, P.C. through any of our service channels.

We will approach your case with all the knowledge, experience and ethics that have made us stand out throughout our professional career. Tell us your concern or need without commitment, we are ready to help you.

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