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Have you been in a car accident in Sacramento and don't know what to do? Know the steps to follow and the benefits you get when you let yourself be assisted by a car accident attorney.

Although in recent years there has been a significant decrease in the occurrence of this type of event, it is estimated that during 2022 there will be more than 7,000 traffic accidents for every million inhabitants of the United States, according to data provided by Statista.

If an event like this has happened to you, or to a family member, there is a group of actions that must be carried out promptly and during subsequent periods, to guarantee the maximum well-being of those involved, as well as the correct determination of those responsible and compensation. fair by the insurer.

Next, we will explain the 5 steps you must follow to have the best resolution of your case.

1.- Stay at the scene of the accident

Unless the way in which the accident has occurred makes you deduce that it may be a criminal who wants to take your vehicle or do you some type of damage, stop and stay at the scene .

Many people try not to face the situation under the provisions of the law, thinking that they will be imprisoned or deported because they are in the United States illegally.

It is important that you know that an illegal immigration status does not diminish your rights in an incident like this.

The only thing you will achieve with this is having to bear the medical expenses, the repair or replacement of the vehicle and the loss of employment, in case your health condition prevents you from carrying out your work activity normally.

In addition to this, this action beyond benefiting you can complicate the case against you. If you suspect that they are criminals and everyone in the car is okay, then go ahead and go to the nearest police station to file a complaint.

If you notice that the cause of the accident flees the scene, do not try to chase him either because this can culminate in a much more unfortunate event. It is in your best interest to remain on the site until the authorities arrive.

2.- Call 911

Whether you or the other people involved in the event are visibly injured or not, call 911.

Some impacts are not clearly perceived at the time of the situation, but they do have subsequent physical and psychological effects that must be assumed by the insurer and that it is very possible that it will try to evade due to the absence of evidence.

Complies with the indicated medical treatment, at that time and in later periods. Otherwise, you will be giving excuses to the insurance company to evade the appropriate compensation in your case.

In addition to this element, one of the most important aspects to obtain insurance payment for the accident is the police report or report. So do not hesitate to request both medical and police assistance, because it will benefit you.

You should know that the report of a car accident is mandatory. The law states that you should do it as soon as you can, so don't evade it.

3.- Check how the event occurred and create a record

If your health condition allows it, take photos with the help of your mobile of both the vehicles and the people involved and their injuries. It also documents marks caused by intense braking, glass on the floor and any other element that can demonstrate the sequence of events.

Try to understand what happened, explore what others say about it.

Obtain the data of the other driver, especially in the event that he is responsible for the accident because his insurer must respond for the damage caused. Request your name, address, phone number, insurance company, policy number, and other descriptive information about the vehicle.

4.- Call a reliable and expert car accident attorney

In case you are blamed for something, do not say a word and immediately call a car accident attorney reliable in Sacramento to help you guarantee the preservation of your rights.

This specialist will also be in charge of gathering all the evidence and executing the pertinent actions of the case, providing the time you require to recover and peace of mind when delegating an activity as delicate as this one.

Contact the specialists at Campos Law Office, PC, for immediate assistance. Our expertise in handling these types of cases will expedite the fairest results for you and everyone involved.

They will also help you avoid falling for any trick used by the insurance company of whoever is responsible for the event. It is natural that after an event like this, you feel dazed and do not fully understand what happened.

These moments are frequently used by the company's agents to obtain information that they will later use against you. In order not to commit actions that you may regret, remain silent until you have the proper assistance.

5.- Report the event to your insurance company.

You can do it from the scene of the event or later, when you are safe. Try to provide all the information you have with you and the data of what happened.

It is important that you keep with you all the elements that you have collected from the case, at least until there is a resolution of the case. You may need it at any time.

6.- Do not accept immediate deals with the insurance company

From experience we know that insurers try to assume lower expenses than those established in the respective policies. The agent may try to work out an immediate deal, and the deal most likely will not cover all of the current and future damage claims.

In this situation , try to obtain a good diagnosis of your particular situation, before negotiating with the insurer. With all the aspects clear, you will be able to reach an agreement or file a lawsuit, in case the company refuses to assume what corresponds.

For this, seek the advice of a Car Accident Attorney in Sacramento who will define the concepts that the insurer must pay, such as your current and future medical expenses, wages, repair or replacement of the vehicle, damages to third parties, among others.


If you have been in a car accident in Sacramento, and you want to guarantee insurance payment as well as a fair resolution of the case, it is important that you take the following steps:

  • Stay on site, unless you suspect that they are trying to harm you.

  • Ask for medical assistance and from some police authority.

  • Find out what happened and document what you can.

  • Call an experienced and trustworthy accident attorney, especially if you've been charged or the insurance company is trying to get you to make a statement or make an assumption at the time.

  • Report the fact to your insurance company, keeping the evidence you have collected until the resolution of the case.

  • Do not accept immediate deals with the insurer, because it is very possible that they do not include all the aspects required by law.

Faced with an event like this, do not hesitate to consult the specializing car accident attorneys at Campos Law Offices, PC in Sacramento, who will assist you immediately to guarantee your rights and defend you against any accusation.

Our positive track record dealing with cases of this type will help you obtain fair compensation from the insurer, as well as a resolution that is as beneficial as possible according to your case.

Contact us now, without obligation. We will assist you immediately.

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